Thursday, 22 August 2013

1st Day

So the countdown has officially finished this morning, yesterday?! Oh don't really know due to a time difference. As I'm writing this I'm laying in my bed on campus. A busy day is ahead of me tomorrow due to student orientation activities, setting up a bank account, confirming my classes and so on.
But why so chaotic Kasia? Let's star from the begging. My flight was scheduled for 10AM (local Dublin time) and I got to the airport just on time to get into a massive que for check in, where security checks you, then you go through proper security again, then customs and security AGAIN. For those planning on going to the airport, please make sure you are there at least 4h prior to your departure.
The flight itself was pretty shaky, I think I went through the worst turbulence ever. After watching two movies, few TV shows and couple nap times I finally got to Chicago where I had to quickly proceed to a different gate to Indianapolis and here I am now.
Some images for you.

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