Monday, 8 September 2014

Reflection time

I was enjoying myself so much and working hard that I totally forgot about my blog. I've been home since May and I think it's time for a 'Reflection section' of my entire experience.
Once again I studied at Saint Mary on the Woods College, IN.
I completed 10 business related modules ranging from Macroeconomics to Marketing or Organizational Behaviour. I also took 2 extra classes of my choice and those were Psychology and Photography.

This experience allowed me to grow as a person in so many different ways by involving myself into so many activities both in and outside of my American Institution, and of course gave me an inside of the Business World from a different perspective...American one!

There is no simple or short way of explaining what this experience was like or what it holds for the future participants of SUSA or any study abroad project! I’ve learned a lot about myself, people around me and even my family. I’ve learned how to be fully independent and how to stand out from the crowd as well as manage my networking connections. My American institution took a great pride into always aspiring higher and  women as leaders! Therefore my motto is as always 'Push hard and work hard'. Living in a foreign country, away from your family and friends is not an easy task. I think it takes a lot of courage to just pick everything up and move across the globe, but I believe that it takes a certain kind of person to accomplish that. I feel like this experience opened up my eyes a little bit and helped me to understand the responsibilities of the adulthood life. This experience was like the connecting bridge between a student and for example a fully independent, employed adult. That is because you get a taste of that life where you really have no one but yourself to rely on. Things will not always work out well in life and it definitely prepares you in terms of how to deal with it.

My Involvement on Campus!

Because Saint Mary of The Woods College is one of the oldest, all female colleges in Midwest it puts a huge emphasis on being a woman, aspiring higher and finding your voice! I knew I wanted to get myself involved as much as possible and give something back to the community. I have joined the Student Senate and it was a great leadership positing within the college. As a member of Student Senate, one serves as a honorable representative for the student body by listening to other students and providing a powerful voice. We ensured that everyone was heard and some concerned were moved up on the organization chart through us. It was a very responsible and serious position within the college and I was honored to be part of it. Because of that I was able to vote on different issues that mattered to other students and made them happen. Additionally I came up and was in charge of numerous events on campus such as Secret Santa with the Sisters of The Providence who are the core and heart of Saint Mary of The Woods College. After all Mother Theodor Guerin founded the institution. It was a very fun and successful event and I was really proud of myself. Additionally by being on Student Senate we were required to meet with the College’s Board of Trustees and that opportunity alone allowed me to make a lot of networking connections across the America. I think it is really important to both make and maintain those.

Furthermore I got myself  heavily involved with The Woods Sustainability Club. One of my greatest achievements was helping to organize Wabashiki Clean up event. I was in charge of PR and advertising which I feel is my strongest skill that I possess or maybe even discovered and developed it better while being in America. Also because of this club I’ve become more sustainable and environmentally friendly person which really makes me happy and feel better about myself. There was a lot of hard work with both of the clubs that range from creating multiple posters for different events to creating a garden and planting new trees on campus. I definitely have learned how to be reliable, responsible and dedicated and I feel like because I got myself so involved on campus I left a huge part of me behind. All these experiences were never for nothing, I believe that every little thing counts towards something. Giving back is amazing because it comes back like a hula-hoop.
2013-2014 Academic Year was the best year of my life!


Monday, 21 October 2013

2 months

After Chicago I've managed to go to Miami for fall break together with my roommate and her family.
I couldn't have asked for a better roommate, swear to God!
Completed my mid-terms, matter of fact I've already received my results and I'm very proud of myself!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

month later

It's been a little bit over than a month now since I'm here in the US of A and it is really great. I really feel like I'm having the time of my life and how grateful I am to be here!
I love the people of Saint Mary of The Woods who are so nice to me and on top of everything else I'm not homesick yet- is that a good sign?
I'm super excited over fall break. Why? Because I'm away to Miami.... !!!!!
Here are more photographs from Michigan City and Chicago and more.


Thursday, 22 August 2013


1st Day

So the countdown has officially finished this morning, yesterday?! Oh don't really know due to a time difference. As I'm writing this I'm laying in my bed on campus. A busy day is ahead of me tomorrow due to student orientation activities, setting up a bank account, confirming my classes and so on.
But why so chaotic Kasia? Let's star from the begging. My flight was scheduled for 10AM (local Dublin time) and I got to the airport just on time to get into a massive que for check in, where security checks you, then you go through proper security again, then customs and security AGAIN. For those planning on going to the airport, please make sure you are there at least 4h prior to your departure.
The flight itself was pretty shaky, I think I went through the worst turbulence ever. After watching two movies, few TV shows and couple nap times I finally got to Chicago where I had to quickly proceed to a different gate to Indianapolis and here I am now.
Some images for you.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

13 days.

It's just after 1 o'clock in the morning and I'm still up... as I cannot believe that I'll be away in less than two weeks time and right now a handful of feelings are going through my head. I'm excited, nervous, curious, stressed a little, inpatient, sad and very happy just everything basically.

Happily though I've managed to get all important documents on time to schedule my visa appointment which is on Thursday! I've managed to organise airport pick up with my lovely college SMWC and honestly since I've applied for the SUSA programme I don't think I've ever used or relied on my email as I do now.
Overall I feel like I'm all ready to go!

Oh! Still need to go shopping.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

SUSA 2013/2014 Team

Little bit blurry but aw well.
Study USA 2013/2014 team!