Friday, 22 February 2013

Matching Interview

Matching Interview

I was very pleased to receive another lovely e-mail from SUSA three days ago which basically stated when my Matching Interview is.
Furthermore it is a very relevant stage of the process for students to go over-seas. Of course for this interview I have to prepare myself and research the Universities I would like to attend to- however I was well aware of that procedure so for that reason I have been doing that for the past few weeks ;).
I also received a list that consists of over 80 various Universities from all over America, but the ones I'm particularly interested at are:

  • St.Leo University, FL
  • Arcadia University, PA
  • Albright College,PA

Fingers crossed that I will be able to persuade representatives from SUSA's-their three US partners (ACCU, APCU & GBHEM) that I'm the perfect candidate for them, however I feel like no matter where I go I will try and do my best, enjoy the experience and expand my knowledge.

Okay, I know where to go, roll on the 1st of March



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