Tuesday, 5 March 2013



This post is a little bit late but since my Matching Interview -that took place on the 1st of March- I've been working. Every penny counts towards my American study experience :)

Interview it self lasted for about 10 minutes only, I got to meet a very nice lady who came all the way from America to meet to me and other participants who are also going,
I only managed to talk to one girl who was waiting round the seats area with me but our conversation was over within 3 minutes as she got called in.
Then it was my turn to go, I talked a little bit more about myself and my interests and that was basically it.

What now?!

All I got to do now is wait. Wait till I hear back from SUSA and find out which University I'll be going to. I'm rather excited and nervous at the same time, but heeeey!

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